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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer March 16, 2017

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer, Kalispell, Montana

Whether you're seeking entry to the U.S. for the first time or looking for an adjustment to your current immigration status, the most valuable asset you can have is a lawyer on your side.

The immigration and criminal defense attorneys at Best & Westover Law offer advice and representation in the Kalispell, MT, area. Here, they offer the top advantages of having an immigration lawyer on your case:

  • Experience With the Process: With immigration, you may feel like you're drowning in paperwork and restrictions. An experienced immigration lawyer can tell you exactly what you need to do and may be able to predict the effects of various factors, such as child custody arrangements, on your case.
  • lawyerInformed About Changes in Immigration Law: Even if you've received instructions for the immigration process, your information may be outdated. As part of their professional practice, immigration lawyers have the most up-to-date information about the application process and the relevant laws.
  • Will Advocate for You: The application process can be a long one, especially if you don't have official representation. Your lawyer can monitor the progress of your case, spearhead appeals, and maximize your chances of approval.
  • Knows the Pitfalls to Avoid: During the immigration process, there are a few common mistakes that can destroy your chances of approval. An experienced immigration lawyer knows what traps to avoid.
  • Legally Obligated to Uphold Standards of Conduct: While you may be offered help with your application from other sources, only immigration lawyers are legally certified to represent your case. Every lawyer is accountable to their state bar association for their conduct in legal cases, which means you'll receive a standard of service you can rely on.

If you need help with your immigration case, call a lawyer at (406) 752-8731. Best & Westover Law provides expert, experienced representation in Montana immigration cases. To learn more about the practice, visit their website.

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