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4 Flowers That Last After Being Cut March 16, 2017

Salisbury, Lancaster
4 Flowers That Last After Being Cut, Salisbury, Pennsylvania

Few things brighten a home like fresh flowers, but not all varieties last in a vase. If you're planning to give a bouquet or arrangement as a gift, the experts at Florals In Time can help you choose blooms that will retain their beauty indoors. As the most trusted florist in Gap, PA, you can be sure their selection of flowers and gifts will bring a smile to anyone's face.

The following varieties are known for their ability to thrive, even after being cut.


Peonies range in color from creamy white to cheery pink, and even dramatic deep red. Their round shape and tightly packed petals add texture and visual interest to any room. This flower should be cut while the buds are still tightly pressed together and they last approximately one week after blooming. If you don't plan on giving or displaying your peonies right away, they can also be wrapped in newspaper and kept in the refrigerator.


flowers Gap PAFor something unique, consider decorating your home with fresh allium. Part of the same genus as garlic and leeks, these eye-catching purple flowers can keep for up to 10 days, provided you cut them at the right time. Cut allium early in the day, using a razor or sharp knife to slice the stem. This variety should only be cut when less than half the florets are open.


There is nothing better than a bouquet of fresh flowers, especially when they are as gorgeous as lilies. It is best to cut this variety right before the bud opens, which will allow their distinct trumpet shape and subtle coloring to beautify your home for up to two weeks.


Chrysanthemums are the perfect gift. This flower's variety of colors means it pairs well with any decor. When cutting chrysanthemums, use sharp tools to avoid crushing the stem. They should also be kept in warm water to ensure they last for weeks.

Contact Florals In Time today to start planning your long-lasting flower arrangement. Call (717) 442-4946 to speak to a knowledgeable florist or visit them online for inspiration.

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