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Roof Repair Facts: How to Deal With Heavy Rain March 16, 2017

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Roof Repair Facts: How to Deal With Heavy Rain, Jenks, Oklahoma

Many people find the sound of gentle rain on a roof to be soothing. Heavy rainstorms, on the other hand, sound like a shower of golf balls. Eventually, this form of weather will do more than keep you up at night—it will create the need for roof repair.

The contractors at Guaranteed Roofing of Jenks, Broken Arrow, and Tulsa, OK, specialize in fixing roofs harmed by inclement weather. Here, they discuss the impact of heavy rain on an average roof and offer advice on fixing the damage.

When a rainstorm hits your home, it can damage shingles and cause leaks. Large gusts of wind can remove shingles entirely, leaving your home vulnerable to dry rot and bacterial growth. Over the years, constant wear and tear from severe weather will weaken your roof.

Here are three ways to reduce the damage and stave off roof repairs:

  • roof repairRoof Maintenance: At the beginning of each season, spend an afternoon inspecting your home’s protective covering. Look for cracks, loose shingles, and weak spots. Examine the sealant around your chimney to ensure it’s still waterproof. If you notice any damage, use an outdoor, silicone-based product to seal and protect weathered joints. 
  • Garden Tools & Furniture: When a big storm rolls in, heavy rain and wind can toss around stray patio furniture and garden tools. If shovels and chairs collide with your roof, repairs are inevitable. To avoid issues, keep your yard equipment in an outside shed and move lawn furniture inside before a big storm. 
  • Professional Roof Repair: Climbing onto your roof and attempting repairs alone can be life-threatening to you and detrimental to your home. If you need extra help, call in the experts. Hire roof repair professionals to inspect and treat your property’s issues. 

A roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home from weather damage, so it’s crucial to care for it with consistency. If you have questions, contact the team at Guaranteed Roofing for additional help. Call (918) 451-0119 for a free roof repair quote, or visit the website to browse a full list of services.

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