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Top San Marcos Loan Company’s Guide to Getting Approved March 16, 2017

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Top San Marcos Loan Company’s Guide to Getting Approved, San Marcos, Texas

When you fall behind on bills or need extra money for car repairs, medical bills, or other expenses, you don’t have to go it alone. A loan company can be a short-term solution to your problem, and many can offer personal loans even to customers with bad credit.

Master Finance is a loan company based in San Marcos, TX, and here, they provide their expert guide to what you’ll need to get approved for a quick loan:

  • loan-companyProve Your Income: Income information such as amounts, how often you’re paid, and employer details are required by the loan company. This helps them understand how they will be paid back, and how to determine the terms of the loan. You’ll be asked to prove your income with pay stubs, a W-2 tax form, tax returns, or bank account statements. A higher or more reliable source of income will make you more likely to be approved and may lower your payments.
  • Bank Account Info: The lender will ask for a bank account number and routing number, sometimes by requesting a voided check. This allows them to get the loan into your account quickly, and might also be used for loan payback. Some lenders will allow you to pay with a debit card, so if you choose this option, they’ll ask for the debit card information as well.
  • Credit Score: A lower credit score will make loans more expensive, and will make the approval process more difficult. Thankfully, you can still get approved by many lenders with bad credit, but make sure you understand the terms first and agree that they are fair. Find a lender with a reputation for integrity and lower interest payments.

For residents of the San Marcos area, one of those lenders is Master Finance. Focusing on transparency and integrity, they’re not a title or payday loan company, so they can offer lower interest for loan payback. Encouraging wise borrowing has helped them become the area’s most trusted loan company. Call them at (512) 392-6102 to speak with a representative, or visit them online to read their code of ethics.

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