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Family Dentist Explains the Complications of Tongue & Lip Ties March 15, 2017

Downtown Eagle River, Anchorage
Family Dentist Explains the Complications of Tongue & Lip Ties, Anchorage, Alaska

Parents should take their child or baby to a family dentist if they suspect tongue or lip ties are hindering the little one’s eating or speaking habits. A tongue tie is the thin layer of tissue that connects the tongue to the mouth. While a lip tie connects the lips to the gums. Everyone has this tissue to some degree, but some people are born with ties that hinder proper movement.

The team at Discovery Dental in Eagle River, AK, know certain tongue and lip ties can be harmful to babies and children. Here, they explain the problems associated with these conditions and what can be done to correct them:

  • family dentistEffects of Ties: Tongue ties that attach too closely to the tip of a child’s tongue can limit tongue motion, create poor eating habits, and impact the child’s speech. Lips ties attached too closely to the gums can cause the same consequences. Plus, certain tongue and lip ties can have a negative effect on dental care for kids because the ties could prevent proper teeth brushing and flossing. Babies with abnormal ties can experience problems nursing as well. 
  • Signs of Problematic Ties: A baby with abnormal tongue or lip ties might make nursing painful for the mother or have problems latching onto the nipple. Additionally, these conditions could cause older to have difficulty speaking or talk with a slight impediment. If a child or baby seems to have difficulty moving their tongue or lips, talk to a specialist or family dentist to see if the tie tissue needs to be altered.  
  • Solutions: Children and babies don’t have to suffer from the effects of abnormal tongue or lip ties. Laser frenectomies are relatively simple procedures that remove part of the tissue attached to the tongue or lips, creating more mobility. It’s important to talk with an oral surgeon or family dentist to find out if the procedure is right for your child.  

The compassionate team at Discovery Dental strives to meet the needs of kids and teens. Whether your child requires a laser frenectomy because of tongue and lip ties or preventative dentistry, Discovery Dental will improve their oral health. Visit the clinic’s website for a full list of family dentist services or call their Eagle River office at (907) 622-5437 to schedule an appointment.

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