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3 Tips for the Next Time You Buy New Tires March 20, 2017

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3 Tips for the Next Time You Buy New Tires, High Point, North Carolina

Reliable tires are crucial for staying safe on the road, so it’s important to invest in new ones when you need them. To get the right tires for your vehicle — ones that are long-lasting, safe, and help your car’s fuel efficiency — you should take a few factors into consideration.

tiresOwner’s Manual 

Some tires work better with certain vehicles, so it’s wise to defer to your car’s owner’s manual before making a purchase. Particularly, look for a recommendation regarding tire size and type. It’s a good idea to bring the manual to the tire dealer so you have it as a reference.

Your Top Priority

Tires usually have different strengths, so it’s necessary to figure out what quality is most important to you. Certain tires, for instance, help tremendously with fuel economy, but that asset may mean a slightly less smooth ride. In addition, consider carrying capacity, wear, and noise, among other factors.


While a new tire may look great on the rack, it’s crucial to check it out with a little online research. If drivers report great experiences with the tire you’re interested in, you’ll know you’re on the right track. 


With the help of a trustworthy tire specialist, you can find the right wheels for your vehicle. Around High Point, NC, there is one tire dealer locals go back to again and again: Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center. These professionals solve a variety of tire needs, from supplying high-quality new tires to performing rotations. Get in touch with the experts by calling (336) 841-6553. For more information about the auto center, visit their website

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