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5 Standout Features of Waynesboro's Affordable Dentist Plan March 17, 2017

Waynesboro, Waynesboro
5 Standout Features of Waynesboro's Affordable Dentist Plan, Waynesboro, Virginia

Finding an affordable dentist to cover your family’s dental care needs can be challenging, to say the least. But with Bream Family Dental Care at your service, you can rely on receiving the cutting-edge dentistry solutions at the most competitive rates on the market.

Serving residents in Waynesboro, VA, for over 25 years, the practice builds on its customer-oriented legacy by introducing the Bright Smiles Wellness Plan. Dr. Alan Bream and the newest addition to the practice, Dr. Dierdre Terlep, highlight basic features of the clinic’s cost-effective oral health plan:

1. The Objective

Bream Family Dental Care firmly believes financial constraints should not become a hurdle for those seeking comprehensive oral health services. The practice’s signature Bright Smiles Wellness Plan furnishes you with the same level of dental care for a significantly lower cost.

2. Eligibility Criteriaaffordable dentist

You can apply for the affordable dentist plan if you’re a new patient or haven’t been to the practice in two or more years. Patients without dental insurance can also sign up for the discounted care plan to receive a complete range of services at low out-of-pocket rates.

3. Coverage

For a $350 lump-sum amount, the Bright Smiles Wellness Plan covers thorough dental exams, teeth cleanings, and consultations at your initial and six-month visits. It also provides coverage for panorex, bitewing X-rays, 2 emergency appointments, and oral cancer prevention screenings.

4. Benefits

The exceptional wellness plan at Bream Family Dental Care provides participating members complementary service, with no co-pays or deductibles. The inclusion of emergency coverage spares clients in urgent need of dental care from long waiting periods.

5. Comparison

The same number of visits and standard of oral hygiene services rendered can cost over $500. Thanks to the affordable dentist plan at Bream Family Dental Care, you can save nearly $200 in yearly oral health appointments.

For further information about the Bright Smiles Wellness Plan, turn to the helpful staff at Bream Family Dental Care. Find out what more of the Waynesboro-based affordable dentists can offer you by calling (540) 949-7246, or take an online tour. To learn more about the practice’s newest physician, Dr. Terlep, visit the clinic’s website today. 

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