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Roof Repair After a Storm: St. Charles County's Top Roofers Share Advice March 20, 2017

Wentzville, St. Charles
Roof Repair After a Storm: St. Charles County's Top Roofers Share Advice, Wentzville, Missouri

Even if a storm doesn’t include a lot of rain or hail, it can cause severe damage to your home. Many storms have high winds that wreak havoc on your roof, and you need skilled roofers to fix the damage. The experts at Noble Roofing in Wentzville, MO, say there’s a different approach to roof repair after a storm, and they offer advice to homeowners about dealing with the damage.

4 Steps for Roof Repair After a Storm

Identify the Damage

Before you can begin repairs, you must evaluate the extent of the damage. Look for missing shingles and pieces of fascia or flashing on the ground, and check the areas where the walls meet the roof for signs of problems. If there was hail, look at your siding as well as the roof for dents and other issues.

Check Interior Walls & Ceilings

Roof repair Wentzville MOYou don’t have to climb on your roof to check for damage; you often can determine if something is wrong by inspecting your home’s interior walls and the ceilings. If you see marks left by water dripping from your roof, it’s a sure sign of problems. Contact a roofing company to conduct a thorough inspection and determine necessary roof repairs.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you notice roof problems, call your insurance agent. They will send someone to assess the damage and determine whether you can file a claim. If you start the repair work before the insurance company evaluates the state of your roof, you might not be eligible to be reimbursed for repairs.

Find a Good Roofer

The final step is finding the right contractor to provide roof repairs. Choose a company approved by your insurance provider or read reviews and get references from people you trust. Request estimates from several reputable companies and choose one that offers a time line and price that suit your needs.

Following these tips will make handling roof repairs after a storm an easier process. Make sure to hire a skilled roofing contractor with a proven track record like Noble Roofing in Wentzville, MO. Call (636) 751-3529 or contact them on their website to arrange an estimate.

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