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Garage Door Safety Tips From Browning Garage Doors March 16, 2017

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Garage Door Safety Tips From Browning Garage Doors, Carlsbad, New Mexico

As long as you install a quality garage door on your property and complete routine maintenance, you probably won’t experience any problems with the overall functionality. To protect your family and prevent damage to your property, Browning Garage Doors in Carlsbad, NM, suggests taking some simple precautions.

By repairing a broken piece and establishing some ground rules for your loved ones, you’ll extend the life of the door and keep your premises safe from intruders. Practice garage door safety by taking the following precautions:

  • Schedule Routine Inspections: Just like any other moving part in your home, your garage door requires regular maintenance. You can most likely get by the first few years after installation without an inspection, but after five years, it’s recommended to call a professional for a thorough investigation.
  • garage doorAsk for Professional Assistance: Anytime your garage door opener isn’t operating correctly, or the overhead door itself is causing your family some problems, it’s best to allow a trained technician to figure out the source of the issue since they can offer the right long-term solution.
  • Make a List of House Rules: As soon as your children are old enough to walk, tell them to keep their hands and feet away from the garage door at all times, especially when it’s closing. This is particularly important near the joints and tracks where severe injuries can occur.
  • Don’t Take Any Shortcuts: You should always use your garage door as it was intended to be used. Don’t try pressing the button and then running underneath the closing door, so you don’t have to use the garage door opener remote outside. This could result in an injury.

As long as you follow these suggestions, you’ll keep your family and home safe from danger. To learn more about Browning Garage Doors, call (575) 887-7975. You can also visit them online for additional details regarding the services offered. 

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