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How to Work Your Garage Door During a Power Outage March 9, 2017

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How to Work Your Garage Door During a Power Outage, Carlsbad, New Mexico

An automatic garage door is a major convenience many homeowners have come to rely on. Your garage door opener does all the work of lifting and lowering the heavy door, until the power goes out. To avoid getting stuck inside or out, Browning Garage Doors in Carlsbad, NM, recommends you learn how to open your garage door manually.

This is a simple process once you know what to look for. Your garage door comes equipped with a bypass option that disconnects the door from the motor. Look for a rope, usually with a handle, hanging from your automatic garage door system. Pull the rope firmly to disengage from the motor.

garage doorOnce your overhead door is free to move on its own, you can simply lift and lower it as though it were an older manual door. Do this carefully — garage doors are heavy, and they can cause injury if they slam down. This can also cause damage to the actual door.

Because of this risk of injury and damage to the door, Browning Garage Doors recommends you only engage manual mode when the garage door is shut. If you disconnect your garage door from the motor when it’s already open, it can come crashing down at full speed. If you do decide you need to close the door and can’t wait for the power to come back on, make sure the area is clear and warn anyone nearby about what you’re doing.

When the power comes back on, you’ll need to reconnect the garage door to the motor. First, pull the cord again. Then, you can either lift the door toward the opener, or lower the opener toward the door. The attachment will snap back into place, and you’ll be ready to go.

If you’re having trouble operating your garage door, or if it’s been damaged, contact Browning Garage Doors immediately. The team is standing by to assist you. The best way to reach them is by calling (575) 887-7975 or online.

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