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Family Dental Experts Share 3 Vital Practices for Good Oral Hygiene March 9, 2017

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Family Dental Experts Share 3 Vital Practices for Good Oral Hygiene   , Scarsdale, New York

Family dental health is important, so everyone should learn proper care for their teeth and gums at a young age. Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness provides everything from routine checkups to emergency dentistry to residents of Westchester County, NY, and their team will ensure you’re practicing great habits at home to protect your smile. 

If you’re unclear about the best ways to achieve excellent oral health, start with these three tips from their family dental care experts:

  • Brush & Floss: One of the most common oral hygiene mistakes is assuming flossing isn’t as important as brushing. The two go hand in hand to provide the most effective protection against tooth decay. Carefully brushing and flossing will remove plaque and food particles to keep your mouth fresh and clean.
  • Family dental Scarsdale NYPay Attention to What You Consume: You might think avoiding coffee and red wine will save your teeth from stains. However, sugary foods, soda, tobacco, and acidic foods can break down your enamel and cause your teeth to discolor and decay. Pay close attention to what you put in your mouth and brush after each meal to remove residue. 
  • Don’t Skimp on Mouthwash: While some people assume mouthwash is an optional step in a healthy dental care routine, there are many benefits to using it daily. By rinsing with a fluoride-based mouthwash, you will kill bacteria, provide protection against cavities, and freshen your breath. 

If you’re looking for the best family dental care professionals in Westchester County, look no further than Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness. They will provide not only oral hygiene treatments and tips but reliable emergency dental care. Visit them online to learn more about their general and cosmetic dentistry services and call (914) 713-2424 to schedule an appointment.

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