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One of Your Favorite Restaurants Dispels 3 Brew Myths March 7, 2017

La Crosse, La Crosse County
One of Your Favorite Restaurants Dispels 3 Brew Myths, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Beer is “proof God wants us to be happy,” according to Benjamin Franklin, yet many myths surround the favorite alcoholic beverage. The friendly team at the Hungry Peddler is here to dispel these myths to help you further enjoy your libations. The La Crosse, WI, restaurant happens to be one of the best in the area, thanks to the fantastic combination of delicious American food and their refreshing house beer, “Peddler Brau".

Review three beer myths you need to know about:

Myth #1: Beer Should Always Be Served Cold

Ask for Guinness in a pub in Ireland, and you will be served room temperature stout. Beer companies often tout the coldness of their brews and even promote “cold-activated” cans and bottles. However, a little warm goes a long way in terms of beer flavor. The aromatics that make beer so delicious are lost when a beer is served too cold. Drink your favorite brew at a temperature of 46 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit to get the most flavor.

Myth #2: Dark Beers Are The Strongest Brews

house-beerDrink dark stouts and lagers without worrying whether they are stronger than their pale ale counterparts. Light-colored ales have just as much power to inebriate because color has nothing to do with how strong beer is. All a dark hue means is that the beer’s grains have been roasted longer.

Myth #3: Canned Beer Is Never as Good as Bottled Suds

Enjoy the fresh taste of beer from a can before comparing it to the same libation in a bottle. Cans store beer the way bottles cannot, as cans are sealed and never expose brews to light. Oxygen can get under bottled beer caps to affect freshness and taste, particularly if the bottle features a twist-off cap. Additionally, clear beer bottles are susceptible to sunlight and therefore, skunking.

It is NOT a myth that this historic restaurant provides daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials, in addition to the regular menu and house beer favorites. Stop by one of most beloved restaurants in La Crosse to enjoy a pint and a chat. Contact Hungry Peddler for more information about house beer by calling (608) 788-1895 or by visiting the website. Like the restaurant on Facebook for the latest information about specials.

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