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Benefits of Hiring a Towing Company From an Auto Body Shop March 17, 2017

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Benefits of Hiring a Towing Company From an Auto Body Shop, Evergreen, Montana

When you get into an accident , your priority is getting off the road as soon as possible. But when you’re searching for a towing service, you should think ahead and call an auto body shop in Kalispell, MT. Hiring towing from an auto body shop offers advantages ranging from pricing to convenience.

Perhaps, the most valuable benefit of calling an auto body shop when you find yourself stranded is the piece of mind knowing it will be secured at a place you know and trust. Some tow companies have several locations so you may not know where your vehicle will be towed to. Thus, creating a hassle when you least need it. Being involved in an accident is stressful enough.

towingMake sure to always call the authorities before having your car towed so the proper reports can be filed. You can request your vehicle be taken anywhere you choose. Don't let a tow company pressure you to take you car somewhere you are not familiar with.

Having your car towed by a car repair shop can save you money in more ways than one. If you call a wrecker service to tow your car home or to a lot, you’ll may up paying for a second tow when you have it taken in for repairs. When you hire your local auto body shop for towing, they can bring it directly to their garage. Plus, your repairs will be completed faster when your car is delivered straight to a trusted mechanic.

When you find yourself stuck on the road, don’t waste your time and money with a regular tow service. Instead, call Able Body Shop at (406) 752-1125 to tow your car and get it back into top condition. Able Body Shop offers 24-hour towing and a full range of auto body work and collision repairs to the Kalispell, MT, area. All of Able Body Shop’s work uses leading green technologies and is completed with an eye for quality, precision, and integrity.

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