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5 Wheel Alignment Recommendations from High Point’s Tire Pros March 7, 2017

Oakview Estates, High Point
5 Wheel Alignment Recommendations from High Point’s Tire Pros, High Point, North Carolina

You likely use your car multiple times a day, every day of the week. While you may keep your vehicle in good condition with regular oil changes, new air filters, and frequent washes, some areas of maintenance tend to be neglected. Wheel alignment is one issue that most car owners don’t think about.

The team at Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center in High Point, NC, has put together five tips to help you keep your tires perfectly aligned:

  • Look for Signs of Misaligned Wheels: It’s easy to tell when your car is out of alignment. While driving, make sure the car is not pulling to the left or right. If the steering wheel is moving on its own, your tires need an adjustment.
  • Schedule a Routine Alignment: When your wheels are out of alignment, it shortens your tires’ lifespan by thousands of miles. Schedule a wheel alignment every 10,000 miles to keep your tires in good condition while reducing premature wear and tear on the tread.
  • Wheel alignmentDon’t Confuse Alignment With Rotation: Scheduling wheel alignment is not the same as scheduling a tire rotation, which involves moving the tires so the tread wears evenly. Both help preserve the lifespan of your tires, but it’s best to get your tires rotated between alignments.
  • Avoid Bumping Curbs: When your tires bump against curbs, they can be knocked out of alignment. If you’ve run into your fair share of curbs, schedule an alignment inspection every few thousand miles.
  • Get It Checked When in Doubt: Because there are no warning lights indicating that the wheels are out of alignment, it’s best to simply get your tires checked regularly. Ask your technician to check the alignment when you take your car in for an oil change or tire rotation. This way, you can address the problem quickly and spare your tires from excess wear and tear.

Whether you need new tires or want to schedule a tire alignment, the auto repair experts at Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center can help. Visit their website for a complete list of their services, and call (336) 841-6553 to schedule an appointment.

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