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Fort Bend’s Best Dermatologist Shares 3 Ways to Prevent Poison Ivy March 20, 2017

Sugar Land, Fort Bend
Fort Bend’s Best Dermatologist Shares 3 Ways to Prevent Poison Ivy, Sugar Land, Texas

Going on a hike in a national park is the perfect way to appreciate nature and all it’s beauty—unless you find yourself caught in a patch of poison ivy along the way. An encounter with poison ivy results in a red rash with intense itching that could take up to a week to clear up. Luckily, there are ways to prevent brushing up against the pesky plant.

Iris S. Polinger, MD., PhD., PA, is the premier dermatologist in Sugar Land, TX, offering a wide range of top-quality services, from skin care treatments to laser hair removal. Here, the caring dermatologist shares a few ways to prevent a poison ivy rash:

  • dermatologistLearn to Identify Poison Ivy: Whether you’re hiking or working in the garden, it’s important to be able to identify poison ivy so you can avoid it. Poison ivy can grow as a vine or shrub, and has pointed leaves that grow in groups of three. Depending on the time of year, it may even have white berries.
  • Cover Your Skin: Wearing protective clothing, such as long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and enclosed footwear, will keep your skin from rubbing against the plant. If you’re working in the garden, it also helps to wear gloves to keep poison ivy from touching your hands.
  • Apply a Barrier Cream: You can purchase over-the-counter barrier creams from your local pharmacy. Although these won’t prevent reactions to poison ivy, they help to slow down the absorption of urushio—the toxic oil that causes the rash—into your skin.

If you’re in need of Botox® treatments or a medical skin care exam, look no further than Fort Bend County’s best dermatologist, Iris S. Polinger, MD., PhD., PA. Call (281) 491-9278 to schedule an appointment today, or visit the website to learn more about her practice and the comprehensive list of services offered. 

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