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Tips to Ensure You Will Get Quality Installations From Your HVAC Service Contractor March 6, 2017

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Tips to Ensure You Will Get Quality Installations From Your HVAC Service Contractor, Coweta, Oklahoma

When you hire an HVAC contractor to do an installation in your home, you have to take certain steps to ensure they will do the job right. Bowman Heating & Air, an HVAC service company that has been serving the Coweta, OK, area for over four decades, has offered a few tips which you can use in ensuring you will get quality heating and cooling installation.

5 Tips to Know You’ll Have Quality HVAC Service

Choose the Right Contractor

The first thing you need to do is to choose an HVAC contractor with enough experience and a good reputation. The type of equipment you use won’t matter much if it’s not installed correctly. A good contractor will help you get the best out of your furnace or air conditioning system.

Keep the Outside Equipment in a Protected Area 

Your contractor should place the compressor and the condenser, which are outdoor units, in an area where they would be protected from the elements. Exposing these parts could result in premature breakdown and lead to more expenses.

Coordinate the Coils

Make sure the contractor coordinates the indoor and outdoor coils of your unit. If these two sections do not work properly together, it could lead to early failure.

Find the Filters

hvac serviceAsk the HVAC contractor to show you where all the filters are. You should also learn when and how to clean or replace these filters.

Make Sure That They Calibrate Properly

See to it that the contractor is using the right calibration on their instruments. This is particularly important regarding the refrigerant, which is used to circulate air through the system. Too much or too little can hinder the unit’s performance.

These tips should help you get quality HVAC service and installation from a contractor. If you want to learn more about furnace and air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair, contact Bowman Heating & Air. Give them a call at (918) 486-2861, or check them out online today.

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