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What Is Dominican Food & Why Is It Great for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? March 20, 2017

Unionport, Bronx
What Is Dominican Food & Why Is It Great for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?, Bronx, New York

Do you love trying different foods from around the world? The owners and staff of Jimmy’s Grand Cafe in the Bronx, NY, want you to know that every time is a perfect time to enjoy Dominican fare. Whether you come in for breakfast or lunch, these dishes, which derive from a number of cultures, are sure to make any meal a memorable one.

Dominican food is a combination of flavors from many different continents and countries. There’s a heavy Spanish and African influence in the spices and flavors of this cuisine, and the staple foods include pasta, salted codfish, and smoked herring. 

What makes Dominican fare great is it’s simple, easy to prepare, low in fat, and great for those who are on the go. Even the most inexperienced cooks can successfully turn out flavorful, colorful Dominican meals. Seasoning is simple, as the Dominican rule of thumb says that dishes should be prepared and flavored to taste.

dinnerBreakfasts are typically light and include mangu, boiled cassava, and fried Dominican cheese. Sometimes, dinner dishes are served for breakfast as well. Cocoa or latte make for a fine finish to this hearty morning meal. Jimmy’s Grand Cafe serves a Dominican breakfast that includes mangu, salami, cheese, and eggs.

Lunch is the most important meal of the day for Dominicans. During lunch, the family gathers together to share a meal of meat, red beans, white rice, and a light side dish. For lunch or dinner, Jimmy’s Grand Cafe offers Dominican sliders made with a beef and pork patty and served with coleslaw.

Stop by Jimmy’s Grand Cafe to enjoy a classic Dominican breakfast or sliders today. Call (718) 319-1200 or visit them online to place an order. Visit their Yelp and Instagram pages to get a look at their full menu and hours.

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