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3 Tips for Starting & Maintaining Your Own Successful Plumbing Business March 20, 2017

Long Island City, Queens
3 Tips for Starting & Maintaining Your Own Successful Plumbing Business, Queens, New York

Starting your own plumbing business is one thing, but it’s a lot harder to make sure your business is successful and continues to grow year after year. Berk Trade and Business School, the best electrical and plumbing technical institute in Long Island City, New York, has more than 70 years of experience with helping students not only start their technical careers, but also learn the business skills they’ll need to build a thriving plumbing business.

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, Berk Trade and Business School offers a Comprehensive Plumbing Program that prepares students to learn the trade through classroom work and hands-on experiences. But enrolling in the 30-week all-inclusive program is only the first step. Here are three tips on how to start your own successful plumbing business.

Start as an Assistant

The best way to learn how to run a small business is to work closely with someone who already runs a successful business. Seek an apprenticeship or a position as a plumber's assistant so you can learn the ins and outs of running a business properly. Not only do you gain invaluable experience and knowledge of the industry, but you’ll also start to develop your own client list, which will make it easier when you start your own business.

Focus Your Business

plumbingThink about your vision for your business. Do you want to focus on providing tools and supplies to other plumbers? Do you want to provide maintenance and repairs to existing plumbing work? Do you only want to install new plumbing systems? You need to differentiate yourself from other plumbers in your area, so make sure you have a clear business plan.

Grow Your Profits

Your business will only be successful if you’re able to grow your profits year after year. In order to do this, you’ll need to not only provide stellar services, but also attract new customers. Develop a solid marketing plan that includes strong branding, a dynamic and engaging website, word-of-mouth advertising, and a social media campaign.

If you’re ready to start your technical career as a plumber, enroll in the Comprehensive Plumbing Program at the Berk Trade and Business School. For more information about the best electrical and plumbing technical institute in the region, visit the Berk Trade and Business School website or call (718) 729-0909 today. You can also connect to the trade school on Facebook.

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