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Garbage Disposal Care: 3 Ways You Can Avoid Pipe Problems March 20, 2017

Baltimore, Baltimore County
Garbage Disposal Care: 3 Ways You Can Avoid Pipe Problems, Baltimore, Maryland

Hidden in the drain, the powerful mechanics behind a garbage disposal’s cutting force often go unnoticed until there’s a problem. While many garbage disposal systems last a long time, Len The Plumber reminds you to follow a few important rules to keep your pipes in pristine condition.

If you want to keep your garbage disposal — and your kitchen plumbing — in good shape, this Baltimore plumbing repair service recommends:

  • Putting Harmful Items in the Trash: While the fast, powerful blades of a garbage disposal can cut through a lot, it can’t handle everything. For instance, chicken bones, glass, and plastic are hard enough to damage the blades. Additionally, potatoes, coffee grounds, rice, and fibrous foods jam up the system and create a clogged drain or pipes.
  • garbage disposalCleaning It Correctly: Cleaning a garbage disposal regularly with dish soap and water is essential to preventing the buildup of grease, grime, and rust. Don’t use harsh chemicals, such as bleach, to clean the unit since these can cause damage and corrode the pipes.
  • Keeping Things Small: Before the garbage disposal cuts up your waste, give it a helping hand by slicing the food into smaller pieces. Not only will this help the system break down waste efficiently, but it also prevents pipe blockages.

Following these tips will help you avoid most garbage disposal problems. However, if you do experience any issues, it’s important to make safety a priority. For example, if you have to remove something harmful from the drain, always shut the unit off completely before reaching in.

If your sink’s pipes are clogged and you need garbage disposal repair in Baltimore, MD, Len The Plumber offers the expertise you need to get things flowing again. If necessary, the licensed plumber can also install a new, affordable garbage disposal unit. To schedule same-day service, call (410) 247-9970.

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