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Reflexology Massage: What to Expect at Your First Appointment March 2, 2017

Novi, Novi
Reflexology Massage: What to Expect at Your First Appointment, Novi, Michigan

If you’ve never been to a reflexology massage session before, it’s likely you have a few questions about an upcoming visit. Fortunately, the team at MassageLuXe is happy to offer you a comprehensive guide on things you can expect at your first appointment.

The experts at this Novi, MI-based massage therapy center go out of their way to make clients feel at ease during consultations. They are here to share insights into steps your massage therapist is likely to follow at your first evaluation with them.

5 Things to Expect at Your First Reflexology Massage Appointment

1. Medical History Overview

The therapist will begin the consultation session by asking you about your family and medical history. They will require detailed information about any health issues and prescription medications that could potentially counteract with their reflexology massage therapies.

2. Physical Checkup

Reflexology MassagePhysical assessments allow massage therapists to pinpoint the exact site and extent of your pain. They will also inquire about the underlying cause of pain and test different pressure points to determine a treatment plan.

3. Customized Massage Therapy Recommendations

Qualified reflexologists study each client’s individual requirements and health history in detail before recommending the ideal course of action. They will also provide a brief introduction of how reflexology massages work and if they are the right option in your particular case.

4. Welcoming Patient Questions

The most trusted reflexologists stand out because of their impressive knowledge in different therapy options. Feel free to ask them any questions regarding their proposed treatment plan and have your concerns addressed satisfactorily.

5. Treatment Schedule

Reflexology massage professionals keep the severity of your condition and progress in mind when suggesting a suitable schedule for future appointments. They will also educate you about the precautions and care options you can follow at home to ensure faster healing.

To get the most out of your reflexology massage sessions, place your trust in the experienced staff at MassageLuXe. For further information about their expansive therapy options, call (248) 349-5893 or visit their website. You can also follow the center’s Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated on their latest products and offers.

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