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What to do When You Lose Your Car Keys July 27, 2017

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What to do When You Lose Your Car Keys , Winston-Salem, North Carolina

After looking everywhere for your car keys, you’ve finally admitted defeat. Like socks in a dryer, they’re lost in the abyss. The mobile locksmiths at Ability Lock & Key are experts at helping people all over North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad area to get through this very situation. Here, the staff explains what you should do. 

3 Things to do When You Lose Your Keys 

1. Don’t Panic 

Losing your car keys is stressful, especially if you’re running late to work. But it’s important to stay calm. Don’t risk damaging the car by attempting to hotwire it. Many vehicles have advanced anti-theft systems which prevent the car from starting without the key in the ignition.

car keys2. Look for a Spare 

Many cars come equipped with a spare or valet key. Sometimes these are located in the owner’s manual, glove box, or steering column. In most modern vehicles, the valet key doesn’t allow for keyless entry and locking like your usual car keys, so you will need to lock and unlock the car the old-fashioned way using the keyhole. These aren’t a permanent fix to your problem but will get you by until you can have a replacement key made. 

3. Call a Locksmith 

Most newer cars have remote transponders which activate keyless entry systems and ignitions. Without this security feature, thieves could simply hop in your car, push the ignition button, and drive off. If your vehicle keys are “chipped” and include a transponder, you’ll need a new Key or remote. Call an auto locksmith who can create a new one for you. The car will also need to be reprogrammed to respond to the new key. With some cars, you can do this yourself, but with others, you’ll need the help of a locksmith or, occasionally, the dealer. 

Everyone's lost their car keys at least once in their lifetime. When it happens to you, call Ability Lock & Key for prompt, convenient locksmith services. They can make, copy, and program all models of car keys, including transponder and chip keys, for both domestic and foreign-made vehicles. Call them at (336) 407-1586 or visit their website today. 



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