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Defense Attorney Shares 3 Tips For Staying Safe During A Road Rage Incident February 27, 2017

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Defense Attorney Shares 3 Tips For Staying Safe During A Road Rage Incident, Warner Robins, Georgia

For millions of Americans, spending time on the road is simply a part of their daily routine. Driving is an integral part of life for many, and lateness, congested roads, or other issues can cause a potentially dangerous road rage situations at any time.

The car accident attorneys of The Walker Firm in Warner Robins, GA, have helped countless people deal with the aftermath of accidents on the road, many of which are caused by road rage. Here, the attorneys share three tips that can help you stay safe when confronted with a potentially dangerous driver. 

1. Stay in Your Car

If you find yourself on the road and being targeted by an aggressive driver, always stay in your car. Even if your driving dispute ends up on the side of the road, there’s no use in trying to reason with someone who is upset. Oftentimes, getting out of the car may escalate the situation. Stay calm and keep driving, whenever possible. 

Attorney2. Maintain Distance

If you notice a visibly aggravated driver, do your best to put distance between yourself and the driver. Maybe you cut someone off by accident or a driver in a hurry is tailgating you. The best course of action is to change lanes, turn onto another road or pull over and wait for the driver to pass you. 

3. Call 911

If you ever find yourself being followed on the road, call 911 as soon as possible. If someone is angry enough to follow you, the situation can quickly become unsafe. If you are being followed, head toward a police station and do not go home. You don’t want the other driving knowing where you live. 

With so much time spent in the car, it’s important to stay safe and prepared for any situation. If you do get into an accident, however, and need legal representation, look to the attorneys of The Walker Firm in Warner Robins, GA. Call (478) 923-4152 or visit their website to learn more about what they can do for you. 

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