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When Is the Right Time to Get a Life Insurance Policy? Georgia's Premier Insurance Agents Explain February 24, 2017

Milledgeville, Baldwin
When Is the Right Time to Get a Life Insurance Policy? Georgia's Premier Insurance Agents Explain, Milledgeville, Georgia

Everyone knows that a life insurance policy is one of the best ways to protect their family in the event of death, but not everyone knows what the best age is to obtain a policy. The experienced insurance agents at Craig-Massee Insurance Agency, serving Milledgeville and Eatonton, GA, have been asked this question many times over their 45 years in the industry, and now they're answering it for you.

When it comes to life insurance, the earlier you sign up for a policy, the better it is for you and your wallet. The life insurance policies can be broken down into the following three age groups:

  • life insurance policyUnder the Age of 18: If your parents purchased a life insurance policy for you as an infant or a toddler, then you're ahead of many of your peers. The under-18 life insurance policies usually provide less coverage than adult plans because children don't acquire debts that need to be paid off in the event of death. However, once you turn 18, you can add to the already existing coverage and end up with a large life insurance policy and small payments.

  • Under the Age of 35: The optimal age for adults to obtain life insurance is before 35 years of age. When you're under 35, the risk for life-threatening illnesses is small, and this age range typically has fewer debts that will need to be paid. If you're still in this age group but haven't signed up for a policy, do it sooner rather than later to secure the best monthly rates.

  • Over the Age of 35: Once a person crosses the age of 35, their chances of developing serious illnesses increases and continues to do so with each year. Life insurance policies become more expensive after 35, but the earlier you get a policy, the more you'll save.

Not everyone will purchase their life insurance coverage during the optimal periods of their life, but that shouldn't stop you from getting it now, regardless of your age group. Every year you put it off, the higher the rate will be, so begin shopping around for insurance quotes. Once you have a few, compare the aspects of each policy to see that you receive the best coverage.

If you've been putting off getting a life insurance policy, contact the insurance agents at Craig-Massee Insurance Agency to assist you with finding the right coverage. The insurance company has more than four decades of experience finding Milledgeville and Eatonton residents the best-priced insurance policies. Call them today for a life insurance quote at (487) 452-3539 or fill out the quote form on their website.

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