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3 Tips for Hiring a Residential Water Well Contractor February 23, 2017

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3 Tips for Hiring a Residential Water Well Contractor, Elko, Nevada

Water well pumps are a great way to have a reliable source of clean, fresh water on your property. Installing a well can be a complex job, so you want to be sure that you hire the best residential water well contractor to do the job. Selecting the right contractor can be a bit tricky, but doing so can mean the difference between having a functioning water well and having a mess in your yard.

Below, the contractors at Fertig Drilling, a well drilling and pump installation service in Elko, NV, share some tips for hiring the best residential water well contractor:

1. Verify Their Qualifications

Before hiring any contractor, ensure that they are fully qualified to perform the job. Asking if they are licensed is a good choice, but be aware that not every state requires licensing. Nevertheless, you should ensure that they are experienced, have reliable references, have verified employees, and the tools needed to complete the job correctly.

2. Create an Itemized Contract

residential water well contractorHaving a written contract is an excellent way to ensure that your residential water well contractor will perform the task as previously agreed upon with no surprises. The contract should be as detailed as possible and include start and end dates, details regarding the depth of the well, an itemized list of all materials being used, the cost of all services, and any other information relevant to the success of your project.

3. Check Their Work

After the job is completed, walk through the entire job with the contractor. Have them explain how the work was done, and look for any glaring imperfections. While you check their work, keep your written contract handy to ensure that the agreed upon specifications have been met.

If you are in the Elko area and would like to hire a residential water well contractor, call (775) 753-7960. For a complete list of services offered by Fertig Drilling, visit their website today.

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