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Need a New Heating & Cooling System? 7 Reasons to Replace It By Feb. 28 February 17, 2017

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Need a New Heating & Cooling System? 7 Reasons to Replace It By Feb. 28, 4, Tennessee

When you have an old heating and cooling system, it’s only a matter of time before it stops working. Replacing it can be expensive, but you’ll lessen the blow if you purchase a new system when it’s most cost-effective. The furnace and air conditioner experts at Central Heat & Air Company in Cleveland, TN, say now’s the time to make the switch. If you install an HVAC system before Feb. 28, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits.

7 Reasons to Install a New Heating & Cooling System Before Feb. 28


You should never pay more than necessary for your heating and cooling needs. Through its eScore™ program, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is issuing rebates up to $650 to homeowners who make certain energy improvements, such as replacing their heat pump.

2016 Pricing

Some AC maintenance and furnace repair companies are still offering limited-time 2016 price breaks. Central Heat & Air Company is adding to the discount by providing not only 2016 pricing but $600 off for trading in your old but functional system.

Affordable Payments

With the TVA’s low-interest, long-term financing, your monthly payments for installing a new heating and cooling system probably will be lower than paying to maintain your current system. Some homeowners have payments as low as $55 a month.

Same-As-Cash Deals

Heating and cooling Cleveland TNSome companies make it easy to buy a new HVAC system with in-house financing. Central Heat & Air Company has a 60-days-same-as-cash policy to make replacing a system easy on your wallet.

Energy Savings

New heating and cooling systems are more energy efficient than older units. The savings you’ll see on your utility bills alone can make installing a new furnace and air conditioner an easy decision.

Long-Term Warranties

Many heating and cooling specialists take the risk out of upgrading your system by offering comprehensive warranties. Central Heat & Air Company has a 10-year warranty that covers parts and labor to make installation worry-free.  


If you’ve been putting up with an older heating and cooling system, it’s better to replace it now rather than wait until it fails and forces your hand. It also will ensure you have an effective air conditioner when the weather heats up.

A new heating and cooling system will keep you comfortable and provide significant savings on your energy and maintenance bills. Stop dealing with an inefficient system and contact Central Heat & Air Company for a replacement. Call (423) 478-7778 to arrange an appointment and visit them online for more information about their services.

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