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Premium Infant Care: Top 3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child March 17, 2017

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Premium Infant Care: Top 3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child, Big Creek, Georgia

When it comes to infant care, there’s plenty of debate. Does it beneficially influence early childhood development? Does it not? To answer this question, we turn to a trusted source: North Fulton and South Forsyth’s Oak Grove Academy. Since 1999, over 1,000 children have graduated from this prestigious learning center, each one going on to excel academically.  

Thus, to attest to the success of their program and of similar ones across the country, they’ve shared three poignant ways in which educational child care positively influences an infant’s growth.

3 Ways Infant Care Benefits Early Childhood Development

  1. Vocabulary

infantInfants learn new words through exposure to conversations with parents, teachers, and caregivers. Therefore, young children who go to basic day care tend to develop a larger vocabulary than those who remain at home. Children enrolled in a comprehensive child care program like Oak Grove Academy’s on the other hand, typically enjoy continuous exposure to more advanced words than those who are in either day care or at home. In this way, they logically then have the tools to develop not only an expansive vocabulary, but also strong reading skills.

  1. Cognition

Early Childhood Development and Care not only exposes your infant to more words, but also provides more intellectual stimulation. At Oak Grove Academy, that means engaging in group lessons, building relationships with both instructors and peers, and exploring the natural world. This early stimulation then translates into basic cognitive competencies, and as the child progresses through their school years, more advanced skills like memory, reading, and mathematics.

  1. Intelligence

In addition to vocabulary and cognition, early childhood development and care also has a positive effect on the gradual development of intelligence. In fact, a longitudinal study from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found that children who attended infant care had IQ scores that were 10 points higher than those who had not!

Naturally, for these advantages to occur, the childcare in question must be of high-quality. Namely, they must have a well-rounded curriculum, as well as dedicated and experienced instructors. Oak Grove Academy delivers in both of these areas.

child careNamed the best Preschool/Daycare in North Fulton and South Forsyth, this prestigious learning center will help your little one reach their full potential. Not only do they have the lowest student-to-teacher ratio in your area, but they also have an innovative approach.  OGA Academic and developmental milestones tend to trump chronological reference points, and children are encouragingly challenged to continue reaching and surpassing milestones in a supportive environment.

Regarding your infant’s care and education, don’t settle for anything less than exceptional. Visit Oak Grove Academy online to learn more about their elevated infant care curriculum. To schedule a tour, speak with administration and/or teachers, or even observe a class firsthand, call them at (770) 772-7474 today.

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