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Real Estate Attorney Offers 3 Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score February 22, 2017

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Real Estate Attorney Offers 3 Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score, Rochester, New York

When you're applying for a mortgage, lenders put significant weight on your credit score. A higher score makes getting approved much more likely, and will usually mean lower interest rates and other fees. Steve Butcher Sr., Esq., a real estate attorney in Rochester, NY, has some suggestions for potential homeowners who would like to boost their rating before applying for a loan.

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Credit Score

1. Check for Errors

As important as credit reports are, many contain serious errors, including debts that have been paid off or accounts that belong to someone else entirely. Request a copy of your credit report, check it carefully, and report any mistakes immediately. Depending on what you find, this step alone can result in substantial increases to your score.

2. Pay Down Credit Card Debt

real estate attorneyCredit card debt has an outsized impact on your credit, so pay as much of it down as possible. However, to maximize the benefit, keep accounts open after they've been paid off; your credit history’s length also comes into play in the overall equation.

3. Pay Your Bills on Time

While there's only so much you can do about late payments and other negative marks already on your report, you can make sure those same mistakes don't happen again. If paying your consumer debt often slips your mind, setting up automatic payments can ensure that your creditors get paid in a timely manner.

As one of the area's most established real estate attorneys, Steve Butcher Sr., Esq. has the expertise and knowledge to protect your interests, whether you're purchasing a house or putting your home on the market. Visit his website to learn more about his reputation for high-quality legal advice or call (585) 263-2444 to speak with a real estate attorney today.

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