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How to Test Diesel Fuel Quality February 22, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
How to Test Diesel Fuel Quality, Honolulu, Hawaii

Using only the best fuel is crucial to protecting your diesel equipment. Whether you buy bulk fuel or store resources, your diesel fuel quality can be affected by several factors, including changes in weather, excessive handling, and introduction of contaminants like bacteria. If you put low-quality fuel into your machinery, it may lead to poor performance and cause extensive damage to your engine.

In severe cases of poor diesel fuel quality, you’ll see a difference in the way it looks, as it will become noticeably darker or cloudy. However, some elements of bad fuel condition can go unseen to the naked eye. In these situations, have its quality tested to make sure it won’t affect your equipment and its performance.

How Do You Test Diesel Fuel Quality?

Diesel fuel can be tested in a couple of ways, depending on the specific details you need to be tested. Some companies make fuel-testing kits so you can quickly assess quality. Other times, you may need a professional service to sample and test various aspects of the fuel.

When Should Diesel Fuel Quality Be Tested?

diesel fuel qualityIt’s a good idea to test diesel fuel before you buy it — especially if you’re purchasing it in bulk quantities. You should also perform tests if you suspect the fuel might have been altered by contamination or change in weather. If you have bulk diesel fuel tanks, a good rule of thumb is to test quality twice a year or anytime you treat the fuel.

What Should You Look for In Diesel Fuel Quality Tests?

Tests can focus on several areas of diesel fuel quality. One of the most important factors to examine is cetane rating, as it defines the combustion quality of the fuel. Additionally, look for low oxidative stability, a condition that could cause the formation of deposits and engine shutdown. If you’re concerned about performance, check on the heat value of the fuel, which indicates total BTUs (British thermal units) delivered.

In some cases, you can improve diesel fuel quality through the specialized application of additives. In other situations, you may have to dispose of the fuel. The best way to prevent these problems is only using high-quality fuel from the very start.


Fuelman, located in Honolulu, makes diesel fuel quality a priority and provides resources that meet your specific operational requirements. Learn more about their fuel services online, or call (808) 842-3835 to speak to a member of their team.

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