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How Hydroponic Systems Help the Environment During a Drought February 21, 2017

Downtown Pueblo, Pueblo
How Hydroponic Systems Help the Environment During a Drought , Pueblo, Colorado

Hydroponics relies on water to cultivate a variety of plants without soil. In a drought-prone area like Colorado, you may be concerned about another drain on the state’s precious water supply. However, despite its reliance on H2O, hydroponics will not negatively impact water availability. On the contrary, hydroponics can actually help the environment. Today, the greenhouse gurus from Grow Your Own in Denver and Pueblo, CO, explain how.

hydroponicsUnlike a sprinkler that continuously runs, a hydroponic setup consistently reuses its water supply. It contains a basic aquaponic setup or flood table where the water pools up. Rather than streaming out of the tray to produce runoff, the water in the tray is continuously reused by the plants. When you water outdoor plants the traditional way, the excess water typically runs off into the yard, onto the sidewalks, and into street drains. The water is mostly wasted—especially without an adequate conservation system in place. Meanwhile, hydroponics works like a well: the plants keep sucking up the water until it’s all used up. Other than a small amount being lost to evaporation, virtually all of the water is used to cultivate growth.

Meanwhile, plants, especially in a hydroponic system, benefit the environment. Since water usage is declining in the U.S. right now, now is the perfect time to practice this eco-friendly gardening practice. Not only will you create clean air, produce healthy produce, and cultivate eco-systems, you’ll also get to enjoy a beautiful garden of your own.

To get started with hydroponics gardening, head to Colorado’s premier resource for all things green. Visit Grow Your Own today or give a friendly representative a call at (303) 990-1929 in Denver or (719) 696-9220 in Pueblo. To learn more, visit the website

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