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Well Water 101: What You Need to Know About Yearly Treatments February 21, 2017

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Well Water 101: What You Need to Know About Yearly Treatments, Stephenville, Texas

Many of us take clean water for granted, but natural and man-made contaminants can find their way into your water source and pose a health hazard. While water from public sources can usually be trusted to be clean, well water needs to be monitored to protect your family’s health. Water conditioner and treatment systems remove contaminants and minerals and should be used at least once a year to keep your water clean. Folks in Stephenville, TX, know that when it’s time to treat their well water, Associated Well Services, Inc. offers the most reliable treatment options and has the equipment and expertise to get the job done right the first time. 

In determining the best treatment method for your water, it’s important to understand the three basic types of water treatment: purification, disinfection and softening.

  • well water Stephenville TXPurification kills microorganisms and removes sediment, leaving you with clean-tasting water.
  • Disinfecting your water kills bacteria and viruses that have made their way into your well water, making it safe to drink, but not necessarily tasty.
  • Water softeners condition the well’s contents by removing metallic contaminants, making the water gentler on your skin and hair when bathing. 

 Each of these water treatment options should be implemented into your system in order to protect your families well being. If you don't consistently treat your water, we recommend to homeowners in between treatments that they should keep an eye on the color, taste, and smell of their water to monitor any changes. Additionally, testing your water every season is just as important as treating it annually to continue to ensure the quality of your family’s drinking water has not been compromised. Well water testing can be done by a trained professional and is a small price to pay to guarantee that your home’s water supply is safe and healthy to use. 

If you’re concerned about the quality of your well water, call the team at Associated Well Services, Inc. Family owned and operated since 1976, this reliable group of repair and maintenance professionals will treat your well to ensure your home has with the cleanest, safest water possible. Visit them online to get a quote or give them a call at (254) 965-5924.

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