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Men's Waxing Pros Share 3 Grooming Tips for Tank Top Season February 22, 2017

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Men's Waxing Pros Share 3 Grooming Tips for Tank Top Season, Manhattan, New York

When tank top season arrives, you look forward to baring some skin and soaking up some sunshine. You likely don’t think about the additional grooming considerations involved. The skilled team at New Paradise Men’s Spa, based in New York, NY, has all of your needs covered, including men’s waxing.

This is important because waxing is really the key to grooming properly before slipping on that comfortable tank top. Here are three tips from the popular Manhattan men’s spa:

  • Control the Chest Hair: Wildly unkempt chest hair can make your warm-weather ensemble appear a bit sloppy. If you know you’re going to be showing off some skin, take the time to tend to your chest hair—and don’t worry if your skin is sensitive. The New York day spa offers a men’s waxing option with sugaring, which is formulated especially for easily irritated skin types.
  • New York, NY Men's WaxingTame the Armpit Hair: While armpit hair is completely natural and normal, it presents a similar conundrum as chest hair when you wear a tank top. Excessive hair may peek out here and there and cause some unwanted attention. While it’s possible to completely wax it off, that’s not your only option: New Paradise Men’s Spa offers a trimming service for those who want to avoid waxing.
  • Watch the Neck Hair: Unless your hair is long, chances are the back of your neck will be quite visible when you wear a tank top. Keep that hair under control, too, if only to prevent your neck hair from appearing as though it’s part of your top. A men’s waxing treatment is perfect for this area.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of wearing a light, breathable top on an especially warm day, but if you want to do so in style it’s helpful to adhere to these effortless grooming tips. You can visit the New Paradise Men’s Spa website to learn more about their additional day spa services, including men’s facials, manicures, and pedicures, or call (646) 559-1621 to schedule an appointment.

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