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How Long Does It Take to Learn the Piano? 4 Factors to Consider in the Process May 17, 2017

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How Long Does It Take to Learn the Piano? 4 Factors to Consider in the Process , Clarksville, Maryland

Nearly every parent who considers music lessons for their child wants to know how long it will take for them to play well. However, learning an instrument like the piano doesn’t happen overnight. The expert instructors at Suzuki Music School of Maryland in Columbia give their students and families the guidance they need on how to choose the right instrument, and they say the rate at which your child will learn depends on several variables.

Piano Lessons: 4 Factors That Affect How Fast Your Child Will Learn 

Natural Ability

Some students have innate musical talent while others must work harder to develop it. Both types of student can be successful, but it might take longer to learn the piano if musical ability does not come naturally.

Ability to Read Music

Piano Columbia MDIf your child already has been introduced to reading music through other instrument or voice lessons, this will help them translate it to the piano. However, If they have the ability to play by ear, it also could make it challenging for them to focus on reading music. For younger children who don’t yet read chapter books, Suzuki Method is a great way to start since it focuses on ear before eye learning.

Experience With Other Instruments

Students who already know how to play one instrument often have an easier time learning a new one. For instance, the dexterity they develop playing the violin, guitar, or flute may help them in piano lessons. 

Hard Work & Dedication

Learning an instrument like the piano is hard work. Students who commit to daily practice will learn to play at a faster rate than those who aren’t as dedicated. People think practice makes perfect but in reality only perfect practice makes perfect!

Being able to say, “I know how to play the piano” is subjective. For some students, learning the basics and to play a few pieces might be fulfilling. However, for those wanting to develop greater technical skills, expanded repertoire, and musicality the learning process never ends. If your child is ready for piano or other instrument lessons, the Suzuki Music School of Maryland is an excellent place to start. Visit their website or call (410) 964-1983 for more information about piano, guitar, violin, other music lessons and classes they offer.

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