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3 Tips for Reporting Police Misconduct February 16, 2017

Tribeca, Manhattan
3 Tips for Reporting Police Misconduct, Manhattan, New York

Law enforcement personnel are supposed to keep society safe, and citizens should be able to turn to police when something is wrong. What if police are the ones posing a threat to the community, though? Who can you turn to in order to report excessive force or police misconduct?

3 Tips for Reporting Police Misconduct

1. Document Everything

When it comes to police misconduct cases, the evidence is critical, and you need to document everything as soon as possible. Write down all of the details of the incident as soon as you can, and remember that no detail is too small to omit. Make sure everything you document is 100% accurate, though, because any inaccuracy could destroy your credibility.

If there were any witnesses to the incident, include their contact information, as well. Return to the scene if you have to, and talk to local business owners who might have witnessed the incident.

Police Misconduct2. Talk to a Criminal Defense Attorney

In order to report police misconduct, all charges against you must be resolved first. Talk to a criminal defense attorney about your case to determine the best way to proceed.

3. File a Police Misconduct Report

Once your charges have been resolved, it is time to actually file the report. You will use all of your documentation to build the case and supplement the report. Make copies of everything before you submit the report, and keep the copies in a safe place in case you ever need to reference them. The procedure for filing such a report varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but an experienced attorney can help you complete the report and file it with the appropriate party.

If you’re facing charges but believe you were the victim of police misconduct, turn to a criminal defense attorney from Myers, Singer & Galiardo in New York, NY. Visit their website to learn more about their experience in criminal defense, and call (212) 986-5900 to schedule an initial consultation today.

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