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Bring Spring to Your Winter With Tulips February 23, 2017

Lakeville, Litchfield
Bring Spring to Your Winter With Tulips , Lakeville, Connecticut

While residents of Northeastern towns are feeling a touch of warmth and dreaming that the final stretch of winter is near, The Netherlands has entered its spring season and tulips abound. As the leading exporter of bulk flowers, the Dutch spring season means new shipments for the Roaring Oaks Florist shop of Lakeville, Connecticut.

Located directly behind The Boathouse, Roaring Oaks Florist is known for exquisite floral arrangements all year around. Combat the winter blues this month by stopping by for an arrangement of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils guaranteed to bring the feel of spring to even the coldest of days.

The floral arrangement specialists offer three suggestions for incorporating these spring flowers into your home décor this winter: 

Think Beyond Red

tulipsTulip floral delivery options come in more than the traditional red. With varieties in pink, yellow, purple, and more, this bulb offers homeowners the ability to choose a floral arrangement that complements their home décor perfectly.

Let Your Nose Lead the Way to Spring

Smells conjure up a lifetime of memories. For many, tulips hyacinths and daffodils smell like spring. Order a beautiful arrangement this winter, and let the delightful springtime smell permeate your home while snow falls and temperatures drop.

Gift a Loved One With Promises of Warmer Days

Fresh flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re simply offering a pick-me-up to a struggling friend or you’re celebrating a loved one’s birthday, sending a spring arrangement does more than ensure their home smells wonderful. It sends the promise of warmer days ahead and eases the winter blues.

With impeccable attention to detail and a steadfast refusal to use dye in any of their floral arrangements, Roaring Oaks Florist has built a name as a leading Connecticut floral delivery company. Visit the website to browse the arrangements of spring flowers, and call (860) 364-5380 to place an order today. Also, don’t forget to like the Roaring Oaks Florist Facebook page for exclusive promotions.

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