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Planting the Seeds for a Greener Tomorrow: 3 Advantages of Hydroseeding February 14, 2017

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Planting the Seeds for a Greener Tomorrow: 3 Advantages of Hydroseeding , Honolulu, Hawaii

Many of us covet the look of a lush, green yard full of soft and healthy grass. However, it can be tricky to perfect the look of your lawn without some professional tips and maybe even a helping hand. While you may have never heard of hydroseeding, you’ve likely seen its results—beautiful, vibrant grass that covers a homeowner’s lawn with flawless, even coverage. By simply mixing mulch, fertilizer, grass seed and water and spraying it over a patch of soil, you’re starting your lawn with a healthy dose of nutrients to encourage its growth. Sherwood's Tree Service in Honolulu, HI, make it easy to get the lawn you’ve always wanted by providing professional landscaping services, including hydroseeding. 

Still dreaming of that perfectly manicured sea of green for your front yard? Here’s why you should consider the benefits of hydroseeding:

  • Cost-Effective: Taking care of your lawn can be quite a costly venture, but by utilizing the right techniques, you can be sure that your wallet stays intact while your lawn improves. Hydroseeding is very economical, as it is much less expensive than sodding. By encouraging the grass to grow on its own, you can save hundreds on pre-rolled sod. 
  • Customizable: Each home’s lawn has a different set of needs that must be tended to in order to achieve the desired results. By using the hydroseeding method, you can ensure that your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to grow on its own. While sod can be rejected by the soil it is laid on, a hydroseeded mixture has a much better chance of “taking,” growing, and flourishing because you can adjust and customize the mixture according to your lawn’s soil.
  • Healthy & Versatile: Healthy hydroseedinggrass always looks best, and by using the hydroseeding method, you can make sure that your grass grows in the most natural, vigorous way. Sod is chopped off at the root, which can lead to stunted growth and shrinkage over time. By opting for a hydroseeded mixture, your lawn will be allowed to grow up from the blade and down at the root. This growth will be both more permanent and easier to work with as you continue to landscape your yard. 

If you’re a homeowner in Honolulu, HI, and are ready for a luscious green lawn, it’s time to try hydroseeding. Honolulu’s premier landscaping contractor, Sherwood's Tree Service, has all the experience and expertise needed to give your home the healthy, gorgeous lawn you’ve always wanted. Visit them online or give them a call at (808) 537-9705.

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