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How Monuments Can Help You Remember Your Beloved Pet February 13, 2017

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How Monuments Can Help You Remember Your Beloved Pet, Bolivar, Missouri

Monuments aren’t just for people anymore. The pets we love stay in our hearts long after they’ve crossed they’re passed on, so why not give them the memorials they deserve? Southwest Missouri’s Wommack Monument Co is proud to help grieving pet lovers find closure and peace with a fitting tribute.

Pet monuments come in a variety of forms, almost as many as for humans. Your cat or dog’s grave may be simply marked with their name and years of birth and death, or they can be buried with a headstone that has your favorite comforting quote or an engraving of something they loved in life. You can choose from plain stone, bronze, or even marble. Whatever you select, it can be a lovely addition to your backyard and will serve as a touching memorial that’s as unique as your pet was.

MonumentsYou may have decided to cremate your pet rather than burying them. If this is the case, you can protect their ashes with an urn. Pet urns can be plain or ornate, allowing you to express your dearly departed friend’s personality the same way you might with a grave marker. The urn can be safely stowed away if the grief is too fresh, or displayed in a place of honor in your home if you’re ready to have your pet’s memory front and center and remember them with a smile.

With four locations throughout Southwest Missouri, Wommack Monument Co is able to provide a wide array of beautiful monuments and guide mourners through the memorial process. They know pets are part of the family and will be happy to help you find the right tribute for your animal friend. Call (800) 743-8233 to reach their main office in Bolivar and discuss your needs—whether you’re looking for a simple urn or a lavish headstone. You can learn more about the company’s history and mission on their website.

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