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What Happens During Alignment & Suspension Work? February 13, 2017

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What Happens During Alignment & Suspension Work?, Wilson, Wyoming

Vehicle alignment and suspension work makes driving safer and promotes better performance. One of its most noted benefits is helping drivers avoid a phenomenon you’ve probably experienced at the grocery store. It’s the moment when your cart stubbornly pulls in one direction, forcing you to compensate more heavy-handedly than you’d like. If your vehicle is exhibiting a similar behavior, it’s time to call Rabbit Row Repair in Jackson Hole, WY, to ask about the alignment and suspension services available.

Alignment & Suspension Work

alignment and suspensionDuring alignment, key vehicle components, including the wheels, axles, and steering wheel, are all “squared” with each other, as well as the road’s surface. Names are given to the different angles involved in alignment, including “toe,” “thrust,” “camber,” and “caster.” Alignment requires a detail-oriented approach, which is why mechanics typically utilize a specialized alignment machine. By clamping to a car’s wheels, alignment machines can transmit incredibly precise data to a computer. This allows the mechanic to make the best decisions about which adjustments are needed.

Different Types of Alignment

Not all cars require the same type of alignment. For example, it often varies by suspension type: Four-wheel drive vehicles require different alignments than front-wheel drive vehicles. Race cars also need a specialized type to improve performance. There are factors other than suspension type, however: The ideal type of alignment will vary with your purpose, whether it’s daily commuting, carrying heavy freight, professional racing, towing, and others.

Alignment and suspension work will improve your vehicle’s performance, promote even tire wear, and ensure you have complete control over your vehicle. If your steering wheel has been difficult to handle lately or your car keeps drifting to the side, Rabbit Row Repair in Jackson Hole, WY, can help. For an appointment, call (307) 773-4331. Do you need other services, such as brake repair or a simple oil change? You can find out more here.

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