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How Filtration Systems Keep Both Public & Well Water Safe to Drink March 15, 2017

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How Filtration Systems Keep Both Public & Well Water Safe to Drink, Henrietta, New York

Whether you get your water from the city or a well, it can be improved with the right filtration system. How does this work, and how do the benefits differ? Anderson Water Systems has provided Syracuse and Rochester, NY, locals with drinking systems for over 60 years and can explain the differences.

Public Water

Filtration SystemsThe municipal water you get from your city has already been treated for contaminants, typically with chlorine. However, while you can drink it without any danger, it may not be at optimal quality. City water is often “hard” with added minerals, and dirt may also travel through your pipes. In addition, the chlorine used to kill bacteria may leave an unpleasant aftertaste. All of this can make your tap water unpleasant to drink. Filtration systems correct this problem, giving you water that’s a pleasure to drink every time you turn on your faucet.

Well Water

If your home uses well water, getting it into potable condition is a bit more complex. Since well water doesn’t undergo the same treatment as city water, it isn’t automatically safe to drink. Without appropriate water purification, pollution, bacteria, viruses, and other contamination can lead to waterborne illness. This contamination can also leave your water cloudy and discolored. Well water is subject to many of the same problems as municipal water services where taste is concerned, as many of the same sediments and minerals can be present. Filtration systems are a must for well water. With the right system in place, the water will go from dirty and contaminated to clear, fresh, and pure.

Whichever water services you rely on, Anderson Water Systems has the filtration systems you need for safe and drinkable water. Find out more about their water purification products on their website. The team is available to answer your questions at (800) 836-2509. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more helpful tips.

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