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3 Reasons to Get Car Window Replacement ASAP This Winter February 16, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Reasons to Get Car Window Replacement ASAP This Winter, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you have broken auto glass, you may be tempted to cover it with a tarp as a temporary solution. However, GlassPro, Inc. doesn’t recommend holding off on car window replacement or repair, especially during the winter. According to this auto glass repair shop serving Cincinnati, OH, there are a lot of problems that can arise from forgoing professional help. In the winter, these dangers can become even riskier.

3 Ways Waiting for Car Window Replacement During Winter Can Put You at Risk

1. Visibility Problems

car window replacementEven if you’re using a sheer plastic bag to cover a broken window area, you are jeopardizing your view as a driver. While it’s always essential to have good visibility when driving, winter can increase the dangers of having a blocked vantage point. For one, snowy weather already makes it difficult to see cars and people on the road. Without clear views out your windows, you are more likely to get into an accident, putting your safety on the line.

2. Exposure to the Elements

It can be quite unpleasant to drive through the piercing cold of Cincinnati with your windows open. And at fast speeds, a temporary tarp cover won’t do much to shield you from the freezing temps. In addition, moisture from snow, ice, and rain can find its way into your car when a window is broken. This can lead to interior damage, including mold growth.

3. Theft

Car theft rates typically increase during winter months, and if your vehicle has broken glass, it can be inviting to potential criminals. Even with a car alarm engaged, a short-term window cover won’t keep thieves away—especially if you’re parked on the street. The best way to prevent problems is to opt for immediate car window replacement.

Due to these risks, it’s clear that covering a broken window is a big mistake—and driving that way can be even more hazardous. Fortunately, if you need car window repair or replacement, GlassPro, Inc. can bring the service to you. Thanks to their mobile glass repair service in Cincinnati, you can get a new window without having to drive under unsafe conditions. Call (513) 874-6559 to request a technician or visit the website for more information.

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