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5 Reasons to Wear Leather in Any Weather February 16, 2017

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
5 Reasons to Wear Leather in Any Weather, Brooklyn, New York

Many people choose quality leather apparel for its durability and warmth, qualities generally associated with winter garments. However, Zooloo Leather believes this classic textile is perfect for all types of weather. In fact, the best thing about throwing on a leather jacket is instantly attaining a look of effortless cool.

According to this top-rated leather store in Brooklyn, leather products have a rightful place in any season because they offer:

  • Protection: As noted above, leather jackets are excellent at guarding your skin from the cold—including the chill of office air conditioners set to full-blast in the summer. Leather apparel is also great for braving the wind in the blustery fall or cruising on a motorcycle during Spring Break.
  • Durability: With proper care, leather garments can last a lifetime. As versatile, stain-resistant pieces, investing in these high-quality jackets makes far more sense than buying new ones every year.
  • Lightweight Options: Hefty jackets aren’t the only leather pieces available. In addition to lightweight jackets, Zooloo Leather offers vests, open-back dresses, and shell-top shirts. If you’re trying to cut down on layers in the warmer weather, you can still include the sleek appeal of leather.
  • leatherColor Variety: There are a broad array of colors available when it comes to leather apparel. If the beating heat of summer is too much for a black leather jacket, consider a lighter shade of white, green, or blue.
  • Storage: Many leather jackets come with sleek storage options such as zippered pockets. If you’re out and about in warmer weather and don’t feel like bringing a bag, these pockets act as the perfect compartments for your phone, wallet, and keys.

Make your next favorite jacket a wardrobe staple for a discounted price at Zooloo Leather. Visit their website to see exclusive deals and clearance items, or call the store at (718) 646-5201 to find out if a specific item is in stock.

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