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Anchorage's Top Dentist Lists 5 Common Dental Emergencies Among Children February 8, 2017

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Anchorage's Top Dentist Lists 5 Common Dental Emergencies Among Children, Anchorage, Alaska

If they’re not addressed in time, pediatric dental emergencies can result in lifelong damage to your child’s jawbone and oral health. That’s why the compassionate dentists at Family First Dentistry advise parents to seek immediate help after an incident. Drawing on their extensive experience, the specialists at this Anchorage, AK, practice discuss the most common dental emergencies among children.

5 Common Pediatric Emergencies to Look Out For

1. Dental Infections

It doesn’t take much time for a cavity to turn into a flaring gum infection, especially if your child has trouble with their oral hygiene regimen. Family First Dentistry advises parents to watch for telltale signs of gum disease, including a severe toothache and gum abscess.

2. Jawbone Injuries

High-impact sports like football and soccer can deliver severe blows to your child’s jawbone. Even if there’s no visible fracture, Anchorage’s top emergency dentists suggest an immediate examination to prevent latent dental issues.

3. Broken Crown

DentistA chipped or broken crown not only makes chewing difficult, but it can also signify an issue inside your child’s tooth. To put your mind at ease, the caring staff at Family First Dentistry will conduct a quick scan to rule out deep-rooted damage.

4. Tooth Loss

While it’s common for younger children to lose their baby teeth, tooth loss among older children warrants an emergency trip to Family First Dentistry. Their certified dental professionals will diagnose the cause and discuss the available options for replacement.

5. Misshapen Teeth

A blow to your child’s mouth can also result in displacement—when a tooth is forcibly moved from its natural position on the jawbone. Head to Family First Dentistry to find out how you can prevent long-term damage and restore teeth to their original position.

With Anchorage’s most reputable dentists at your service, you can expect reliable emergency dental services for the whole family. Learn more about what the team at Family First Dentistry can do for you by calling (907) 562-2820, or visit their website

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