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How Water Filtration Improves Coffee Flavor February 7, 2017

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How Water Filtration Improves Coffee Flavor, Hiawassee, Georgia

Are you the type of person who truly loves a good cup of coffee? If so, you probably already know factors like the beans and brew time play major roles in how it tastes. What you might not know, however, is water quality is also an essential factor, which is why you should look into your water filtration options. With the right water purification system, you can be sure you’re doing everything you can to make your coffee taste its best.

Have you ever tasted unfiltered water from a tap, then tasted it after it’s been through a water purification system? The difference is clear. Water filters remove iron, chlorine, and other toxins that can have a negative effect on the taste of your water. Of course, this is important if you like to drink water throughout the day, but it’s equally important if you’re a big fan of your morning coffee.

Water Filtration Hiawassee GAThat’s because the average cup of coffee is actually mostly water, so its flavor can vary dramatically based on the quality. In fact, true coffee experts work hard to ensure their water contains the proper balance of minerals to optimize the flavor. While some find emphasizing magnesium allows the subtle flavor notes to shine, others focus more on how the amount of bicarbonates impacts the bitterness of the coffee. Once you’ve got a better idea of what mineral balance you’re looking for, you can consult with a water filtration expert to tailor your system accordingly.

Based in Hiawassee, GA, the professionals at Chem Free Pure Water will equip you with the right purification system to maximize your coffee’s taste. To learn more about what they have to offer, contact them online or call (800) 657-5150.

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