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Medical Negligence: How It's Determined & What It Means to a Legal Case February 7, 2017

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Medical Negligence: How It's Determined & What It Means to a Legal Case, Ashland, Kentucky

If you are a health care provider and a patient files a lawsuit against you, it’s natural to feel worried because you have a lot at stake. You need an experienced ally at times like this, and you’ll find one at Williams, Hall & Latherow, LLP in Ashland, KY. They have represented medical professionals in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia and will help you defend yourself against allegations of medical negligence. However, before you can fight a malpractice claim, you must understand what constitutes negligence.

What Is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence must have occurred for a patient to have a valid malpractice claim. Medical negligence refers to a health care provider deviating from the traditional standard of care, but negligence on its own does not constitute a malpractice claim.

Medical negligence Ashland KYIf you deviated from the traditional standard of care while treating a patient but the patient did not sustain an injury or other cause for damages, the situation does not warrant a lawsuit. Medical negligence ultimately becomes medical malpractice when the patient sustains serious injuries, illness, or death as a direct result of the treatment — or lack thereof — they received.

If a medical professional provides treatment that deviates from the standard of care and the patient’s condition worsens or unexpected complications arise as a result, the patient might decide to file a lawsuit. To secure a settlement, the patient must prove another reasonable health care provider would have responded to the same situation in a different way. The patient might rely on expert witnesses to establish proof, but the defendant can call upon their own witnesses to disprove the testimony.

If a patient has accused you of medical negligence and you are facing a lawsuit, turn to Williams, Hall & Latherow, LLP in Ashland, KY. Visit their website to learn more about their experience defending clients accused of medical negligence, and call (606) 329-1919 to schedule a consultation with an attorney

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