Midtown East, New York

Our 1st 2017 dinner: Do you plan to attend? January 27, 2017

Midtown East, Manhattan
Our 1st 2017 dinner: Do you plan to attend?, Manhattan, New York

Welcome to our new members and thank you for your continued commitment to Interdisciplinary Collaboration and sharing the pearls of your practice with your peers.  It is not easy to speak to a diverse group listening effectively but "practice makes perfect"   It is hard work, requiring preparation of one kind or another.

As we slowly expand, we learn better who is a fit for our interdisciplinary conversation.   Who is a clinician you respect?

2016 was a learning time for me, personally and professionally. Let us innovate generously this year, presenting,  listening, creating mindful professional relationships with a spirited and conscious dinner as we share lessons, essential clinical stories, attracting independent clinicians, health care innovators, patients.

I know it is not always easy to come and consistently participate.  With effort, opportunity for your growth on several levels, expands in learning, referring, and receiving referrals well.

See metrocollaborative.com for members and updates over the next few weeks; we have a few new members joining us on the site and at dinner.     If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me as always, by email, skype, in person or phone.

For leading retreat/workshops and finding a space and place to truly relax.  For updates on our April and May 2017 clinician lead and programs for clinicians, stay tuned to:


See our clinician retreats program at villaserena.com.

If you would like to lead a retreat or participate in one, we will support you with on the ground infrastructure, marketing; etc.

The Gotham Collaborative
 1/31 @ 6:30 PM
SE Corner, 27th and Park Avenue 
NYC 10010


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