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Camping supplies are important for a good time and a safe experience. REI in Houston, Texas has everything you need whether you are a beginner in hiking, or a veteran in outdoor life

Let’s Ride! Shop Family-Friendly Cycling Equipment at REI January 26, 2017

Woodlake - Briar Meadow, Houston
Let’s Ride! Shop Family-Friendly Cycling Equipment at REI, Houston, Texas

The sun peeking through the trees, the wind whipping through your helmet, the open road in front of you: there’s no feeling quite like cycling. Fortunately, your local REI can help you capture that moment with their world-class cycling equipment and their vast selection of outdoor gear.  

Cycling Equipment for the Whole Family

From bikes and footwear to helmets and cycling equipmentaccessories, REI has everything you need to hit the open road. They also carry equipment for all ages and experience levels. So when you’re planning your next family bike trip, you can feel comfortable knowing your children have the proper gear. Plus, they offer cycling equipment in tons of bright colors and fun designs that your kids will love. If your family is feeling particularly adventurous, REI also sells bikes for a variety of terrains, including mountain, road, and hybrid.

Shop Cycling Gear at Your Local REI!

Are you ready to hit the trail? Visit your nearest REI today to stock up on your favorite sports equipment brands! For exclusive savings on every purchase, don’t forget to sign up for a REI membership for a one-time $20 fee!

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