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3 Commercial Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Building’s Entrance January 31, 2017

Hanover, Butler
3 Commercial Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Building’s Entrance , Hanover, Ohio

Whether you own an apartment complex or a retail store, you want your building's entrance to look professional and inviting. Commercial landscaping is the first thing visitors to your business will notice, so improving and maintaining it is well worth the effort. The experts at Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH, know how landscape design can help any business make an excellent first impression, and they have advice for enhancing your property.

3 Ways To Use Commercial Landscaping To Improve Your Company's Entrance

1. Use Color Creatively

Landscaped beds that create a cohesive color scheme will add vibrancy and allure to your entryway. Through a combination of perennials, shrubs, and trees, you can craft an artful design that will invite the public to your business. Choose colors that represent the tone of your business; reds to evoke sophistication, while yellows provide a cheerful vibe. You even can hire a commercial landscaping expert to create a landscaped bed that replicates your logo.

2. Pay Attention To The Path

Commercial landscaping Hamilton OHWhether it includes stairs, bricks, or stones, your pathway is how the public will access your building. It should be not only sturdy enough to accommodate heavy foot traffic but attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing. You want people to reach the doors of your business with ease while also enjoying the walk. Consider incorporating a lively water element to improve the mood and energy of the space. 

3. Add Functional Furniture

Tables, chairs, benches, and other pieces of outdoor furniture will make your entryway more accessible and welcoming to passersby, employees, and regular customers. From stone benches to iron tables, there are plenty of elements that will add beauty and function to your space.  

To boost the professionalism and appeal of your business, enlist the commercial landscaping experts at Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH. For more information about how their team can transform your company’s outdoor environment, call (513) 868-1828 or visit their website

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