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4 Recycling Tips For Maximum Environmental Impact January 30, 2017

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4 Recycling Tips For Maximum Environmental Impact, Honolulu, Hawaii

Every year, recycling keeps millions of tons of trash out of the oceans and landfills, minimizing the impact of human activity on the environment. However, the benefits of recycling don't end there—it also creates jobs and generates wealth across a wide variety of industries.

To maximize the impact of your recycling efforts, West Oahu Aggregate Co Inc, a Honolulu in Honolulu recommends:

  • Reducing First: Of course, recycling is important, but it's much more powerful when you also commit to reducing your consumer waste. Buy products with less packaging and, whenever possible, go for well-designed products intended to last rather than disposables. Before throwing anything out, you should see whether it can be repaired or re-purposed—only then should you take it to the recycling center.
  • RecyclingKnowing the Rules: Every city and municipality has different capabilities, which means there are different rules for each area. You should know what can and can't be recycled by your local program, and follow the rules.
  • Buy Recycled Products: Reusing raw materials is only beneficial when it creates a profit for the companies engaged in the product, so always opt for products created from recycled materials. When businesses are rewarded for going green, they'll be more likely to use even more recycled products and look for other ways to decrease their environmental footprint.
  • Recycle Electronics: Everything from home computers to televisions and even some toasters contain heavy metals and other materials that could be extremely harmful to the environment. Never throw these items in the dumpster—instead, check with your local waste disposal department for hazardous waste pickup days, or look up recycling companies near you.

No matter what kind of building or reconstruction project you have coming up, West Oahu Aggregate Co Inc has the services and expertise you need to minimize your impact on the environment. Visit their website to learn more about their equipment rentals and expertise, or just call (808) 847-7780 to discuss your project with one of their recycling experts today.

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