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3 Ways to Use Custom Landscaping to Increase Your Property Value January 19, 2017

Hanover, Butler
3 Ways to Use Custom Landscaping to Increase Your Property Value, Hanover, Ohio

Most homeowners make an effort to maintain their home, but the land around it shouldn’t be forgotten. Custom landscaping will improve your home’s curb appeal, boost the property’s value, and even change the look of the neighborhood. Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH, offers outstanding landscape design and maintenance services that will add beauty and value to your yard.

3 Ways Custom Landscaping Techniques Boost Your Property Value

Plant Diversity

Buyers often look for homes with a variety of native trees and plants that are appropriate for the landscape and enhance the home’s design. Shrubbery and flowers that are visually impactful will set your house apart from others in the area, making it more appealing to buyers if you decide to sell. 


custom landscaping Hamilton OHOutdoor lighting is a desirable feature for buyers. It not only highlights your custom landscaping but adds to its safety, preventing falls and reducing the risk of a burglary. Uplighting on trees and illumination of outdoor living spaces will make your home feel cozy and inviting. If a potential buyer is driving through the neighborhood at night, your home will stand out if it has an outdoor lighting plan. 


A path with an appealing design or shape will enhance the exterior of your home. Various materials, such as stone and brick, can be used to increase the value. Decorative concrete pavers, which come in a range of colors and textures, are a cost-effective way to catch the eye of anyone passing by. 

If you have a custom landscaping design in mind for your yard, Imfeld Nursery in Hamilton, OH, can make it a reality. Call (513) 868-1828 to request a quote, and visit their website to view photos of projects completed by their commercial and residential landscaping experts.

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