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How Your Dermatologist Can Help With Those Frustrating Love Handles January 19, 2017

Princeton, Mercer
How Your Dermatologist Can Help With Those Frustrating Love Handles, Princeton, West Virginia

Love handles are one of the more challenging areas of the body to drop fat from. If none of the diets have been working, and you’re not a fan of invasive procedures, don’t stress out yet. Dermatologists have developed a new technique called SculpSure® that can help you trim the love handles without the need for surgery. Derm One PLLC in Princeton, WV, offers SculpSure to those looking for non-invasive ways to cut fat from their stubborn areas. Here, these top-rated dermatologists share more information about this revolutionary body contouring procedure.

What to Expect From a SculpSure Treatment

You can ask your dermatologist for a SculpSure treatment to reduce the fat pockets in many places around your body, including your love handles, stomach, back, waist, thighs, and arms. One treatment session lasts for 25 minutes. While you might experience a tingling sensation during the actual procedure, most patients say it is easily tolerated.

dermatologistsYou can go back to your daily routine immediately afterwards. Results are usually visible within the first few weeks; however, you may continue to see changes for up to three months following the procedure. That’s the amount of time it can take for the fat to break down. 

How Long Do the Results Last?

The fat cells that are eliminated during the treatment won’t regenerate. However, it is important to maintain the results by following a clean diet and regular exercise regimen. Otherwise, it is still possible to gain weight and erase the results of the procedure.

To learn more about how the SculpSure treatment can help you, call (304) 425-9448 to set up an appointment or speak with a dermatologist at Derm One PLLC. You can also visit their website for more information about their skin care treatments and other services.

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