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How Deer Repellent Will Protect Your Property January 18, 2017

Brookfield, Fairfield County
How Deer Repellent Will Protect Your Property, Brookfield, Connecticut

You might consider yourself lucky to spot a deer roaming your property in the early rays of morning, but that graceful animal is most likely on the hunt for breakfast, and your landscaping is on the menu. Foraging deer will destroy your property, but deer repellent is a safe and humane way to protect your landscape design. Deer run rampant through both the rural and suburban areas of Brookfield, CT, and A to Z Property Maintenance specializes in helping homeowners keep them away.

How Deer Repellent Works

deer repellentAs prey animals, deer rely on their senses to alert them of danger. An unpleasant smell, flavor, or sound is enough to keep them away from a certain area. This is the basic principle behind deer repellent. Scents, sights, and sounds are purposefully placed around the border of the property to let deer know they’re not welcome. Depending on the kind of repellent used, it’s a method that is both environmentally friendly and harmless to animals.

Kinds Of Deer Repellent

When choosing the right kind of repellent for your property, there are both DIY methods and store-bought products. Human hair, baby powder, and scented fabric softener sheets serve as effective scent deterrents. You can also hang metal cans where they reflect light and rattle in the breeze as a deterrent. These simple strategies are usually temporary, however. Once the deer learn there is no real danger, they’ll grow bold enough to pass the boundary. For large properties with serious deer problems, commercial products may be the most effective solution. You can buy predator urine and spray it around your property or install ultrasonic devices and motion-controlled strobe lights.

For the best results, property owners count on the professional landscapers at A to Z Property Maintenance. They utilize effective methods to address each property’s specific vulnerabilities. Find out how their services will benefit you by calling (203) 775-9174, or visit their website to learn more about deer repellent.

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